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Basic Care and Motorcycle Maintenance

To take care of your motorbike is to take care of your own safety, so make sure that you're taking the time to keep your bike in good shape. A1 Lubricants has put together a few tips to get you on your way to taking care of your bike.

How Well Can You Stop?

If you've noticed that you're pulling harder and harder on the brakes to stop each time, it's likely time to change them. While it can be tempting to squeeze the most out of your brake pads, don't let them get too low that they aren't there when you need them.

Check All of Your Fluids

For this one, reach for the manual to find specific information and advice on the types of fluids that your engine utilizes to keep it running. Be sure to pay attention to these levels each time that ride to prevent damage to your engine through lack of lubrication.  Keep in mind that there may be some fluids that also need replacing, not just topping up.

Clean It Up

While it's true that cleaning your bike keeps it looking nice, it also helps to keep both the body and the engine protected and in good condition. Dust and grime build up can happen quickly, and likely in places that you can't see, like inside the guards or the chain. Take a few extra minutes to give your bike a good wash and wipe down, making sure you're checking all areas. If grime is allowed to build up it can not only cause damage to your plastics, but your engine.

Synthetic Oil in Orlando

There you go, three easy to follow tips to get you on the right path to motorcycle maintenance. If you are interested in the ways you can further protect and extend your engine's lifespan, give A1 Lubricants a call on (407) 247-3375 and ask about how you can extend the lifespan of your bike with a quick switch to Amsoil Oil in Orlando.
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