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Stay Cool While Riding Your Motorcycle Hard

RIDE HARD. RUN COOL. It's more than just a slogan at authorized AMSOIL dealership, A1 Lubricants. AMSOIL knows protection against extreme heat is is a major concern for motorcycles. It's also a major concern for you.

Avoid a Disaster

It's hot. But when temperatures reach the triple digits, it's dangerous. Dehydration due to heat can impair your vision and judgement. When you see the mercury rising passed 98°, leave your hog at home.

Don't Drink and Ride

It's never a good idea to drink and ride. When temperatures and humidity are high, avoid alcohol, caffeinated colas, coffee and teas as these drinks will cause you to become dehydrated much faster. Substituting your beverage for water is the best choice.

Your Risk Factor

Certain medications, high blood pressure and people who are overweight are at a greater risk to suffer from extreme heat exhaustion and a possible heat stroke. Consider your own risk factors before taking a ride. If possible, even healthy adults, should reduce their risks by riding earlier or later in the day to avoid the extreme mid-day sun.

Wear the Right Gear

In the extreme heat of summer, a long-sleeve shirt and jacket may seem strange. The fact is the speed and winds of riding your motorcycle actually work against your body's natural ability to keep cool. Perspiration helps us to regulate our body's temperature and keep from overheating. Speeds, even at 20 mph, during the summer act like a blow dryer on your skin. To combat this, wear long sleeves and a good mesh riding suit. Look into athletic apparel, like a runner's shirt, that keeps sunlight off your skin and is made of a breathable fabric. A full face hybrid flip style helmet and evaporative vest are also great for longer summer rides. We all want to get out on our motorcycle an enjoy the open road this summer. 

Synthetic Oil in Oviedo, FL

Just be sure to take the steps to stay safe. And to keep hot operating temperatures from compromising your engine, use AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil (MCV) for optimal protection in your motorcycle. For all your AMSOIL product needs, call A1 Lubricants at 407-247-3375.
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