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How to Keep Your Boat Ready to Hit the Water

Amongst the many benefits to owning a boat, being able to hit the water whenever you like is easily at the topbut what if your boat wasn't ready when you were. In this post, A1 Lubricants has a few tips on how you can keep your boat ready and prepared.

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub!

The importance of keeping your boat clean, inside and out, can not be overstated. The best place to start when cleaning your boat is with your tools. Use a boat cleaning brush with a telescopic handle that allows you to reach all parts of your boat's hull to clean of debris.  When cleaning the decks and interior of your boat, use a purpose designed cleaning agent to return the best results. Cleaning your windows can be made easier with the use of a water blade and a quick-to-dry cloth.

Take Care of Your Engine

After each outing, flush out your engine and ensure everything is clean. Thoroughly check for any rust or accumulation on your fuel tanks or lines that could affect the performance of your engine. If your fluid levels are low, top them up immediatelydon't leave it 'until next time'. If you are looking to boost your engine performance and protection, consider synthetic marine oil to help keep your boat engine clean and performing.

Last but Not Least

Many people forget to properly maintain their propeller as it isn't always visible and the damage isn't always felt whilst driving. Take the time to inspect your propellor, looking for any nicks or tears that may have occurred. Any damage to your propellor could be requiring your engine to work harder and cause an increase in fuel usage.

Synthetic Oil in Orlando

These are just some of the great ways that you can easily keep your boat prepared and ready for your next adventure. To take advantage of the benefits Amsoil Oil in Orlando has to offer your boat by speaking with A1 Lubricants on (407) 247-3375.
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