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Basic Maintenance for Your Ride-On or Lawn Tractor

Ride on mowers or lawn tractors are a great way to make the task of cutting and maintaining a large space of landscaping. While they offer great results, they also require a small amount of maintenance to keep them going. A1 Lubricants has put together a few easy to follow tips to get you started with ride-on mower maintenance. 

  • It can be easy to think that because you can see the grass and leaf buildup on your blade guards then they are doing their job and don't need any attention. Taking the time now to thoroughly clean and clear under your guards to give them the best start on your next cut.
  • Just like your car, a clogged or dirty oil filter can limit the amount of lubrication that is allowed to flow through your engine and can lead to contaminants entering your engine, causing internal damage. If you can't remember the last time you changed your filter, it's likely that time.
  • Your spark plugs are one of the cheapest, and most important parts of your engine as they decide whether it's going to start or not. If yours are looking a little worse for wear, head to your local auto shop and pick up some new ones. While you're at it, grab a few extras to keep in your shed as spares.

Synthetic Oil in Orlando

While you may be used to the benefits of using Amsoil Oil in Orlando in your car, these benefits transfer to your gardening equipment. Speak with an expert at A1 Lubricants on (407) 247-3375 and ask about the benefits of using synthetic oil in your lawn tractor.
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