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Your engine works hard to get you from one place to another. Its components are under a lot of stress, and sometimes, the heat outside, a faulty system, or other, can cause the engine to overheat and shut down. To deal with that annoying situation effectively, below you'll find a guide for what to do about an overheated engine.

What to Do if Your Vehicle Overheats

  • If your vehicle has overheated before, it's a good idea to have a gallon of water or bottle of coolant near. This way you'll be prepared in case it happens again. Just consider that water is a temporary fix.
  • If your vehicle has started to overheat, turn off the AC and roll your windows down to control the situation. If the temperature keeps rising, blast the heater to help your engine release the heat.
  • If heavy traffic has got you stuck on the road, park your vehicle, put it in "Neutral" or continue at a slow speed and steady pace. This will give your vehicle and its engine the opportunity to relax and cool.
  • When you can, stop on the side of the road. There, turn off your vehicle and open its hood to ventilate the engine. Let about 30 minutes go by before you check its reservoir. If it's empty, pour the coolant/water into it.
  • Be sure to take your vehicle straight to an auto shop to get it properly inspected. There, ask the professional about what other measures you can take to maintain your vehicle and keep it from overheating.

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