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Best Synthetic Oil in a Diesel Engine

In a recent post, we told you about the benefits of synthetic oil. If you own a diesel engine or want to switch to one, you should know that synthetic oil functions particularly well in diesels. Diesels operate at much higher temperatures and with more acidic contaminants in the fuel than a gasoline engine. Synthetics can withstand these conditions, and here is how.

Runs Hotter

Diesel fuel requires much more heat to ignite, so the engine operates at very high temperatures. When overheated, conventional oil can break down, losing its viscosity and failing to lubricate the engine. Synthetic oil, meanwhile, maintains its thickness in extreme heat, so you can feel safe that your diesel engine will keep running as expected.

It Cleans & Protects

Acidic components in diesel fuel can build up inside your engine and cause corrosion. Synthetic fuels, in particular AMSOIL's synthetic oils for diesels, contain alkaline additives that help to neutralize acid and oxidation, reducing engine wear.

Extra Life

You probably bought your diesel because it is built to last. Treat it right, and a diesel will easily last more than 50% longer than a gasoline engine. Synthetic oil also lasts longer than conventional oil, so you do not have to change oil as often. All of these pluses add up to more money in your wallet and less time with your car, truck, or boat in the shop. 

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