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Maintenance Tips Your Can Do at Home

While it’s a good idea to regularly bring your vehicle in for a professional check-up, there are several ways you can keep an eye out for potential problems at home between appointments. Give your engine a quick inspection with these easy steps:
  • Check the Fuel Filter. Any debris in gasoline that might try to interfere with your engine’s efficiency gets trapped in the fuel filter, thereby protecting your engine. Replacing your fuel filter will keep the gas going into your engine nice and clean, as well as alleviating any build-up that might be causing your engine to work harder than necessary.
  • Change Spark Plugs & Wires. The wires and spark plugs work very hard and can take a toll on your engine if they get too worn. Check your owner’s manual for the recommendations for your specific vehicle.
  • Check for Leaks. Over time, intense heat can cause some of the engine hoses to crack, which can then leak many of the essential fluids your engine needs. Pop open the hood of your car and give it a nice long whiff, checking for any oil or antifreeze leaks coming from the engine. Confirm any potential leaks by taking a look under your parked car to see if anything is leaking onto the pavement.
  • Keep Your Coolant Levels Up. As your engine heats up and the thermostat decides things are getting a bit too hot in there, the coolant kicks in to cool things back down again. Make sure your coolant levels are above the minimum mark by lifting the hood and examining the coolant tank, which is a clear tank with an orange or green colored liquid in it.

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